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Weights, Cardio, Or Both


Weights, Cardio, Or Both

We all want the most bang for our buck–then why not combine both. That’s what we offer in our HIIT Fusion class. We challenge the body to make adaptations for strength by using weights and resistance and incorporate bouts of cardio to increase endurance. Greater strength gives rise to greater endurance.

To answer the question fairly, it depends on one’s goal. It depends on one’s sport. It depends on one’s DNA. Training for your genotype increases efficiency by 600%. That’s why we partnered with DNA Fit to unlock whether you’re built for power or endurance.


Weight training allows the body to break down fat for energy and in turn promotes lean muscle growth. This increases our metabolism which further promotes fat loss. Weight bearing exercises prevent sarcopenia and improve bone density, which is crucial as we age. Weights are essential to strengthening connective tissue, tendons and muscles.


Our heart is a muscle, so let’s exercise it to our potential. The primary objective here is to elevate our heart rate, requiring faster delivery of oxygenated blood to our muscles, tissues and organs. Cardio is most effective at burning calories. Exercising our cardiovascular system also increases our metabolism and bone density. Studies show improvements in sleep quality of 65%. 

Deeper dive..

Anaerobic vs Aerobic

One must distinguish between the power and capacity of the system. The anaerobic systems have to be developed before the aerobic systems. In aerobic training, the power must be developed before the capacity. In aerobic training, the capacity must be trained before power. The greater the aerobic capacity, the lower the anaerobic power.

Aerobic interval training causes mainly two adaptations: increase in myoglobin for better storage of oxygen and an increase in the number, size, and activity of the mitochondria. Interval training increases our V02 max and training efficiency. The pause phase allows ATP and CP (creatine phosphate) to restore oxygen in the muscle. This further improves the aerobic capability of fast-twitch fibers.

Anaerobic system training boasts similar benefits. Biggest difference is you increase intensity (above 85%) and decrease duration (max 2 minutes). This creates EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) allowing for greater caloric burn up to nearly two days post workout.

In summary, life is about balance and the same is with fitness. An approach that trains both capacity and power is optimal for longevity.