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Life Balance


Life Balance


You eat well, you live well. Our bodies are holy vessels. Don’t short change yourself with processed foods. Ensure proper diet with copious amounts of organic vegetables, healthy fats and nutrient dense proteins. Fruit is nature’s dessert. Give yourself a pat on the back and indulge on occasion. 


We define exercise as movement. Walking for some can be the best source of exercise. Power walking, better still. Point being whether training for a Triathalon or a beginner doing yoga, find time to be active. If you prioritize your oral health and brush your teeth daily, prioritize your body and brain health with exercise daily. Just 30 minutes a day can increase lifespan by 7 years.


Perhaps the most overlooked component to our health, sleep. And not just regular sleep–deep, restorative sleep. How? By eating well timed meals, by exercising, by minimizing blue light at night, and by going to bed early when melatonin production is highest. Too often we sacrifice sleep for work. Instead, enhance your sleep and watch your energy levels rise and productivity increase.


Science is on a mission to find the eternal elixir. If you want to retain your youth, incorporate more playful activities. Take time to do what you enjoy. Life’s too short to always be serious. Laugh. LOVE. Learn.


In life, we must have a cause that is bigger than ourselves. By helping others we can find a sense of purpose. Be it a financial contribution or volunteering our time, we can strive to leave this world a better place.