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HIIT Your Memory, Methods to Prevent Alzheimer’s


HIIT Your Memory, Methods to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Those who know me understand I don’t compromise when it comes to nutrition. Our bodies are holy vessels–why ever cheat your life with junk?

Eating a healthy diet of organic food, practicing gratitude and continually staying active is a recipe for healthy brain function as you age, particularly our memory.

Why is HIIT all the rage?

“Canadian researchers found high-intensity workouts helped boost memory by improving hippocampal function — a finding they say could prove to be an important prevention strategy against Alzheimer’s disease.”

Further enhancing one’s fitness level significantly increases brain-derived neurotropic factor, BDNF, a protein correlated to a dramatic reduction in Alzheimer’s risk. Weekly HIIT routines promote neurogenesis, producing new neurons in the brain. Why does this matter? Because we can grow new brain cells and protect old ones from deterioration!

A recent scientific review concluded that aerobic exercise increases left hippocampal volume, leading to significant improvement in high-interference memory, the ability to seamlessly integrate new information with old.


Exercise also increases the metabolic signal that spikes mitochondrial biogenesis. This is paramount as your brain is the most mitochondrially-dense organ in your body. Mitochondria create ATP. This is the energy to power us through the day; reiterating why nutrition is so important. Feed the body properly and potentiate your energy. 

Life’s too short for brain fog and low energy. Make the right choices and always optimize for longevity.