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Guest Blog Post Written By: Susan TreadwayIt’s important when you’re in the midst of addiction recovery to be able to have a mind that is no longer hooked on thinking about alcohol or drugs. Also, having a body that is fit and in optimal health is supremely beneficial to your overall well-being. The truth is, exercise is a wonderful way to break free of substance addiction. Not only does it give you a calmer, steadier disposition, but it can break the cycle of wild mood swings that addicts often endure and

Those who know me understand I don't compromise when it comes to nutrition. Our bodies are holy vessels--why ever cheat your life with junk? Eating a healthy diet of organic food, practicing gratitude and continually staying active is a recipe for healthy brain function as you age, particularly our memory. Why is HIIT all the rage? "Canadian researchers found high-intensity workouts helped boost memory by improving hippocampal function — a finding they say could prove to be an important prevention strategy against Alzheimer’s disease." Further enhancing one's fitness level significantly increases brain-derived neurotropic factor,

Nutrition You eat well, you live well. Our bodies are holy vessels. Don't short change yourself with processed foods. Ensure proper diet with copious amounts of organic vegetables, healthy fats and nutrient dense proteins. Fruit is nature's dessert. Give yourself a pat on the back and indulge on occasion.  Exercise We define exercise as movement. Walking for some can be the best source of exercise. Power walking, better still. Point being whether training for a Triathalon or a beginner doing yoga, find time to be active. If you prioritize your oral health and

We believe change starts with our youth. Sowing the seeds of growth requires proper tools when we are young. This includes basic needs like clothing and shelter while also providing healthcare, and education. This is why we chose Children International.   They seek sponsors who take active roles in helping children both near and afar. Yes you can donate. But you can do so much more when you are able to write to a child and potentiate their needs. Children International allows you to visit your sponsored child and experience first

We are excited to partner with KitchFix for all our delivered meals. Why? Because they pride themselves on sourcing, local, organic ingredients. They take the hassle out of meal prep. Not to mention, the meals are both balanced and delicious. We at TBD only team up with companies whose ethos is driven by quality for the consumer. We vet all our products and ensure our partnerships are those promoting sustainable change in our community. Don't sacrifice your nutrition. You are what you eat. Try them out today!